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Your Mind is Powerful. It Can Make or Break Your Life.

Are You Its Master or Is It Mastering You?

Play with Me to Find Out...

Just Imagine...

About my fascination for the

Brain and Mind

The brain and the mind (why we act and think the way we do) have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be a neurosurgeon, to help people who had mental illnesses (lobotomies were in vogue), or had become quadriplegic.

The financial of such lengthy studies put too much pressure on my family, so I turned to psychology. I attended my first conference when I was 15, and ended up speaking with the presenter, a psychologist/psychoanalyst, who took me under his wings. He opened doors for me to study in his Institute in Nyon, Switzerland, and with the Institut Français de Culture Humaine in Paris, France.

At age 20, I was certified in grapho-morpho-psychology, with training in psycho-analysis. I was studying the Silva Mind Control and parapsychology. The mysterious, i.e. the unexplained, attracted my inquisitive mind.

In 1996, my doctoral thesis was on "The Power of the Mind in Healing." Later on, InterActive Guided Imagery taught me how to dialogue with the subconscious mind.

EP-Energy Psychology, hypnosis and NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming (sensory communication), were added to my chest of tools for rapid and lasting transformation.

Evolution and Integration of Body-Mind Empowerment Techniques

Psychology- Psychoanalysis

Freud, Adler, Jung, Baudoin, Lacan... the first ones who dealt with the sub/unconscious.

It often took years to get to the root cause of a problem, and to accept it... without solving it.

InterActive Guided Imagery

1900s: Research showed that images could trigger responses in the body. Guided Imagery helped solve health issues and InterActive Guided Imagery got treasures of wisdom and solutions by dialoguing with the subconscious mind.

Energy Psychology

Starting in the 1980s, Energy Psychology entered the picture. Intertwining acupressure with psychotherapy resulting in fast resolution of fears, phobias, addictions, and even "old" pain.

Hypnosis and NLP

Forget hypnosis media hype and NLP unethical marketing. Hypnosis and NLP are two of the most powerful techniques for rapid and lasting transformation. You direct your mind to change brain wiring so you can enjoy an empowered life.


This is my goal for you. 

1. To help you get rid of issues, restore confidence and awaken your Inner Champion.

2. To train you to use powerful techniques so you can empower yourself when new challenges arise.

What Is Holding Us Back AND What to Do About It


When you buy a computer, programs are already installed in it. It is the same with us. We are born with a unique set of programs which may, or may not, be useful.

From birth to about age 7, we are like sponges, gathering as much data as we can, without much rational thought. We are thus further programmed by our parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, our environment and the media. 

Later on, critical thinking develops, and we start to realize that our thoughts, habits and behaviors may not lead to the life we desire. Are we stuck?

NO! Just as with a computer, we can delete programs that do not serve us, and add more empowering ones. 

Our mind wants the best for us. We need to lead it in the right direction.

ANTS-Automatic Negative Thoughts

Of course, positive thoughts are more empowering than negative thoughts... or are they?

If your mind brings negative thoughts to your attention, it might be for a reason. Just pushing them down does not solve the problem.

Gently following the thread of where they come from can bring resolution, without facing strong opposing resistance.

You would not go in your garden, saying, "There is no weed, there is no weed." You would notice the weeds, and act appropriately. Some weeds are actually very nutritious. Finding and transforming the root cause of negative thoughts, habits or behaviors can be amazingly liberating and empowering.

Addictions, Fears and Phobias

Oftentimes, addictions cover an uncomfortable feeling. We don't want to let it rise, so we shut it down with a behavior (alcohol, drug, food, video game, shopping...), whatever is necessary to "not feel that." Like lead into gold, it can be transmuted into an empowering behavior.

Fears and phobias usually have their origins in an event that happened before the age of 7, which evolved and transformed over time. Let's find the sensitive event, and release the energy that keeps you reacting.

Guilt, Shame, Grief and Lack of Confidence

We drag guilt, shame, grief and other heavy feelings like balls and chains that prevent us from living or lives fully.

How confident are you when you feel guilty? How confident are you when you feel ashamed? Is unprocessed grief keeping you in a state of depression?

If you are ready to release disempowering feelings that drag you down, I would be happy to guide and assist you with tools and techniques that have proven to work quickly and efficiently.

Isn't it time to release these balls and chains?

"Old" Pain

We experience 2 types of physical pain.

1. The pain that says, "It's time to go to the dentist," or "Get an ambulance, you need help asap," or anything to that nature. It means, "Something is wrong; do something about it NOW!"

2. The pain that lingers. You have taken care of the acute pain, yet it is still there.

There may be an emotional root that needs to be dug out, or the body-mind is simply "protecting" you (or so it thinks) from a potential recurrence. In most cases, this "old" pain can be dealt with and released.

How will you feel without it? How would your life change? What would you be doing? 

Stress and Trauma

There are 2 types of stress: Eustress (the good kind) and Distress (the "bad" kind).

You experience Eustress when you are getting ready for a vacation or going to an especially longed for event. You need to get ready... it's a type of stress that gets you "in gear."

Unfortunately, we also experience a lot of stress that negatively affects our health. For this type, it is necessary to learn tools and techniques to mitigate its nefarious effects. There are many easy to use and apply tips that work almost instantly. Ready to learn? Contact me!

We will all experience trauma during our lives. I was fortunate to have an array of tools at my disposal to lessen the impact of C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when I was faced with it. I keep learning different ways to alleviate and dissipate the agony of traumatic experiences to better serve my clients. The memory of the trauma may be accessed, yet it will become flat, with no emotional intensity. Be FREE!

You Subconscious/Unconscious Mind sends you thousands of thoughts, pictures, images, ALL DAY LONG (and at night too). However YOU have the POWER TO CHOOSE which ones you will allow to nest in and shape your life. You can program your mind to do YOUR bidding. Ask me how...

Let's Go Deeper...

What Can Your Mind Do For You?


The most powerful language of the 21st century

What is Imagery? It is a flow of thoughts that can be seen, heard, felt, smelled or tasted in one's imagination.

Imagery has been said to be:

- the language of the right brain

- the language of the nervous system

- the language of the emotions

- the language of the unconscious and

- the interface between mind and body.

Imagery can help us understand what is going on at a deeper level by letting us access information and resources stored in the body.

Like any other language, it can be learned and mastered.

Imagery has been recognized as one of the most effective alternative therapies available. It is a powerful technique using the untapped resources of the mind.

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD - Mindset Mentor